Equipment for New River

Our item today was chosen because it shows an entrepreneur trying to save his business and the difficulties he faced.  The story that goes with the document high lights the need for careful research and planning and how decisions made on impulse often lead to poor results.   Here is some of the background to document. For some years Nevis had been dealing with cotton crop failures.  At its general meeting of the 10 March  1939, […]

Aquatic Sports 1968

The aquatic sport events on Easter Monday became synonymous with the 4-H organization that was initiated in St. Kitts by Basil Henderson.  They consist  of a number of swimming races.  Once there was also a sail boat race and the organisers even tried to include a speed boat race.  The event that everybody looks forward to is the “greasy pole”.  At the end of a well greased pole leaning over the sea, a ham is […]

Fahie Share Croppers

In 1939 Joseph  Ferara and  his sister Emily Dinzey, were willing to sell Fahie estate (approximately  320 acres) to government for land settlement of labourers.  They wanted to keep 16 acres of pasture as this was needed for the stock on Sir Gillies Estate which did not have any pasture of its own. They also wanted to obtain  grass from Fahie  for the stock at Sir Gillies without charge. Some stands of mahogany trees were […]

Mary Pratt her will

The image today is a composite of Mary Pratt’s  will.  This is the transcription: Saint Christopher’s In the Name of God Amen I Mary Pratt of the Island of Saint Christopher widow, being in good Health and of sound Mind Memory and Understanding, but considering the uncertainty of this life, do make publish and declare this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) First I will and direct that […]

13 Tabernacle petition 1889

At a meeting of the Legislative Council of the 3 April 1889 a petition was read.  It came the residents of Tabernacle who were requesting a supply of water.  They were not asking for water to be made available to every household but merely to the village.  Users would then have to transport buckets of it to their homes.  Their petition with all its signatures was copied into the Minutes of the Council. They based […]