Gems from the Archives – 6 “1888 Hotel Resolution”

During the Legislative Council meeting of the 4 December 1888 Capt Maling, an official member of council presented the following resolution which was passed Resolved This Council hereby request his Excellency the Governor to take such steps as may in his opinion be necessary to induce Capitalists and others to establish an Hotel in this island of such class as will be likely to attract visitors from the United States and elsewhere during the winter […]

Gems from The Archives – 5 “1937 Election”

In 1937 the first election of the 20th century took place in St. Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla. It was also the first election since 1877 when the electorate was even more restricted. A person had to be able to read and sign their name as well as satisfy one of these conditions in order to be registered as a voter: an income of £30 per annum, or ownership of real property valued at £100 or […]

Gems from The Archives – 4 “Union Messenger”

The 28th of January marks the 79th anniversary of the labour disturbances of 1935, better known as the Buckley’s Riots. Although the National Archives holds both the Daily Bulletin and the Union Messenger for that day, we chose to share with you the Union Messenger of the 31st January 1935 because it contains the editor’s version of the events. The editor/proprietor was J Matthew Sebastian and J.N. France was his assistant. The official version of […]

Gems from The Archives – 3 “Journal for the Commissioners”

Attached are two pages from the Journal for the Commissioners for the sale of the French lands 1726 to 1732. The Treaty of Utrecht 1713, gave St. Kitts to Great Britain. The French part of the island was considered part of the Royal Patrimony, which meant it as up to the King to dispose of it as he saw fit. A commission was sent to St. Kitts to deal with the matter. Their proceedings are […]

Gems from The Archives – 2 “Earliest published Map of St. Kitts”

This week’s gem is the earliest published map of St. Kitts and we are fortunate to have it in the National Archives. To make it easier to send this map, we cropped its wide boarders in the image attached. It was the work of Nicolas Sanson who has been called the father of French cartography. Modern cartography is said to have begun with the Dutch school, famous for fabulous decoration and colouring. A period of […]