Gems from the Archives –14 “Mary Pratt her will”

The image today is a composite of Mary Pratt’s  will.  This is the transcription: Saint Christopher’s In the Name of God Amen I Mary Pratt of the Island of Saint Christopher widow, being in good Health and of sound Mind Memory and Understanding, but considering the uncertainty of this life, do make publish and declare this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) First I will and direct that […]

Gems from the Archives – “13 Tabernacle petition 1889”

At a meeting of the Legislative Council of the 3 April 1889 a petition was read.  It came the residents of Tabernacle who were requesting a supply of water.  They were not asking for water to be made available to every household but merely to the village.  Users would then have to transport buckets of it to their homes.  Their petition with all its signatures was copied into the Minutes of the Council. They based […]

Gems from the Archives – “12 trash huts”

This image of a trash hut survives in the National Archives as a print not as a photograph.  The original was taken in 1955 probably by a British Development Agency.  This means that there are still some people around who remember these structures.  Earlier these huts were the order of the day.  They consisted of either one or two rooms, mostly used as sleeping space, although some had a seating area.  All the other family […]

Gems from the Archives – 11 “1914 Letter on forestry ordinance”

We came across this document after History and Heritage month had come to a close.  The theme this year was “Our Plant Heritage.”  Because this document deals with the topic, we decided to share it anyway.  We also want to show that even scientists can find material in archives. The letter is from the Administrator in St. Kitts to the Governor in Antigua and explains how the Forestry Ordinance was working. The Forestry Ordinance No. […]

Gems from the Archives –10 “Capisterre Factory shares”

Long before the Basseterre Sugar Factory was built in 1912. The man who would become its first General Manager, George Moody Stuart had suggested that a factory should be built at the northern end of St.  Kitts.  He saw this as a way to aid the development of the area between Sandy Point and Dieppe Bay.  There was support for this idea at first but at the last minute a number of estates withdrew  from […]