Gems from the Archives – 64 GHS results

On the first of March 1940 the Executive Council approved a scheme similar to the Grammar school by which promising female students were given scholarships. Four were to be awarded in May of that year and another four in January 1941. On being informed, Principal Pickard, was elated but suggested that 2 be offered in January 1941 and the remaining two in January 1942 “to distribute the scholarships among children of more varied ages”. Her […]

Gems from the Archives – 63 before Shell and Sol

Before there was Shell and Sol, there was Fort Pine. Our image today shows what remained of the small military installation in the mid-1940s. In the background there are the nets of fishermen. In 1853, the British military decommissioned Brimstone Hill and Charles Fort and the ordinance was offered to the island government. Soon after, it was decided that shipping in Basseterre had to be protected. Fort Thomas or Bluff Point at the western end […]

Gems from the Archives – 62 Sir Milton inspects troops

Our item today shows Sir Milton Allen inspecting the troops on Church Street before delivering the throne speech in 1971. Sir Milton was the first Kittitian of African descent to hold the post of Governor. A short profile is available here

Gems from the Archives – 60 The Lazaretto

In 1890 Charles Henry Boon of “The Cottage”, Basseterre started a small publication called The Lazaretto. It came out every two weeks and consisted of 8 pages measuring 13 inches by 8 inches. A lazaretto was a place of isolation and quarantine and Boon had made it his mission to get lepers off the streets of Basseterre, actually off every street on St. Kitts and Nevis At the time, the nature of the disease was […]

59 Electricity

Electricity was made available in 1928 in Basseterre. Before that happened the Union Messenger spoke of official extravagance in its issue of the 10 Oct 1923. In a meeting of the Legislative Council of the 5th October, there was an item which earmarked £250 for the installation of an electric light plant at Government House, Victoria Road. Three unofficial members of the Council – Clement Malone, R Yearwood and P Todd – objected vehemently, calling […]