Hurricane damage 1924

In a year that has been good to us where hurricanes are concerned, let us not forget the devastation that they cause. Perhaps we should also note the difficulties arising out of their complete absence as well!!! Our photograph today was taken in 1924. We used the original negative which survived to make the print that we are sharing today. A hurricane hit St. Kitts and Nevis on the 28th and 29th August 1924, causing […]

Beach Party c.1930

The hot days we have been having in August are likely to persist during September. It’s a good time for the beach. So today we are sharing an image of a beach party from the 1930s or may be the 1940s. The persons in the image are all fully dressed so it was not a swimming party, and may be it was not such a hot day!

Manumission 1772

Thomas Crooke to his mother Grace – Manumission Saint Christopher Know all men by these presents that I Thomas Crooke of the Island of Saint Christopher free mulatto for divers good causes and considerations me hereunto moving have manumitted released and forever set free from Servitude and Slavery and by these presents do manumit release and forever set free from Servitude and Slavery my Mother who was formerly the property of John White late of […]

Madeirans 1856

In 1855, the St Kitts Legislature passed a law to encourage the immigration of agricultural workers. The first group arrived from Madeira, a Portuguese archipelago in the Northern Atlantic, in 1856 on the Barque Nautilus captained by Henry Laws. In England, a great deal more accountability was demanded in the aftermath of Emancipation and the new law included the creation of an Immigration Committee. This first report showed that 58 adults arrived in St. Kitts […]

Girls High School results 1943

On the first of March 1940 the Executive Council approved a scheme similar to the Grammar school by which promising female students were given scholarships. Four were to be awarded in May of that year and another four in January 1941. On being informed, Principal Pickard, was elated but suggested that 2 be offered in January 1941 and the remaining two in January 1942 “to distribute the scholarships among children of more varied ages”. Her […]