Vic Hills Mayor of Slough 1991

In 1990, Victor Emanuel Hills became the 43rd Mayor of Slough, in England. Previously he had been the first black man to hold the position of Councilor in the borough. Slough was one of the places were Kittitians and Nevisians settled after moving the UK in search of work. Vic Hills was one of them. Hills was born in Newton Ground in 1931 and went to England in 1957 were he found work as an […]

Avondale 1989

I came across this image by accident this week and it made me think of how much Basseterre has changed. It was taken in 1989. It shows the foundation of the old Court House in the foreground and the building which I believe was called Arrindells. It was soon after replaced by the concrete structure of Barker and Kelly’s supermarket and now houses C&C. We would be very grateful to anybody who can share more […]

Santa Claus c.1957

Santa Clause It’s Christmas time again so we went in search of an item that represents the season. There were a few but we decided to share this image – a young Basil Henderson, surrounded by children who were waiting to have their little chat with Santa Claus. The little girl in the front, seemed more apprehensive than intrigued, probably because of the strange mask that Santa was wearing!!! Henderson was the person who introduced […]

School for Destitute Children 1827

On the 4th May 1827, the Board of Governors for the school of white destitute children submitted a report to the Board of Council. They were attempting to find ways and means to deal with a larger number of children. At that point in time, the school provided boarding for some students but one of the proposals was to gradually abandon boarding and use the savings to clothe and feed more children who needed this […]

Hurricane damage 1924

In a year that has been good to us where hurricanes are concerned, let us not forget the devastation that they cause. Perhaps we should also note the difficulties arising out of their complete absence as well!!! Our photograph today was taken in 1924. We used the original negative which survived to make the print that we are sharing today. A hurricane hit St. Kitts and Nevis on the 28th and 29th August 1924, causing […]