This is one of the really interesting images we have without identification.  We know that this is a group of cadets.  We also know that the officer seated in the middle is Major Hubert Dinzey and the gentleman next to him is a Malone.  Please let us know if you recognize anybody else and if you can calculate a year when this photograph may have been taken.  We would like to give this gem an identity.

Incitement to Duel case

The King against.                                Indictment on the presentment of the Grand Jury Adlam and Moore St. Christopher      In the Court of Sessions The jurors of our Lord the King upon their oath present that Joseph Adlam Junior of the said island Gentleman and William Moore of the said island Gentleman being fighters and disturbers of the peace of our said Lord the King on the Tenth day of October in the year of our Lord one […]


In 1900 the manager of Estridge estate wrote to the owner of the estate H W Estridge who lived at Malmesbury, Wiltshire in England explaining how he was dealing with a grasshopper problem on the estate.  The letter from Estridge to the Secretary of State of the Colonies does not  say if this was a problem through out the island or in that particular area. The solution – paying children to catch grasshoppers – raises […]

List of midwives 1919

In the early 20th Century, St. Kitts had one of the worst infant mortality rates in the Caribbean and probably in the world.  Although the main culprit seems to have been malnutrition conditions of delivery may have had some serious implications as well.  For most women, this was mostly in the hands of Nanas who learnt their skills by trial and error.  The Colonial Administration attempted to control this group of people.  It was insisted […]

Flag raising at United Nations 1983

Tomorrow is the 31st anniversary of Independence in St. Kitts-Nevis. We would have been very happy to share with you the raising of the flag at Warner Park.  Unfortunately, that photograph has not made its way to the National Archives.  Instead we are sharing the next best thing –  the raising of the flag of the new state at the United Nations Secretariat in New York.  Clearly visible in the photograph are Prime Minister Simmonds […]